Last day, in the class, we did an activity related with the GG number 10: Reduced Inequalities.
To do this activity, the teacher gives us sweets. But he didn't give sweets to eache student. For example: one student had one sweet, another had five, etc... There was also students that they didn't have any sweet.

From here, we started to debate about the inequality that makes one student had a sweet and another no.
With this tought, we started another theme: the jobs of the different people of the world. I mean that we debate specifically about the firefitghter salary and the futbol player salary. A part of the class said that the firefighters must earn most money because they risk their lives to safe another people for the fire, floodings, etc... Meanwhile, the futbolplayers they don't risk their lives cause it's not a risk job and they earn a lot of money that they don't had to win. These money that they don't have to win, must have to go to OMG, or medical studies.