Last week we learn about what is the Ecological Footprint. This one means how much we spent in different factors such as: the food that we eat, the energy that we consume, the transport that we use... Anyone has a different Ecological Footprint.

We calculate our Ecological Footprint. This was my result:

Then we also learn what is the Earth Overshoot Day. It's the day that the world ends if all the world lives like you. It depend on your result about the Ecological Footprint. In my case, the world ends in the 1st of May if all the world lives like me.

If you can see, in the image also there are three worlds. It mean that if all the world live like me,  The hummanity needs three Earths to live. This it's no good. We have to get only one world n this test with all the people. Like this, we can live better. 

Finally, to go deep, we did oral expositions in groups. We talk about the action #movethedate.
#movethedate it's a hastag of the Earth Overshoot Day. Different people in the world explain how we can move the date of the world's end. They publish in a special web (Click here) what they do to make sustainable the world. 
So we did little oral expositions in groups explaining how we can move the day in different pledges. Every group makes a pledge. My group did the pledge number 2. It talks about one way sustainable to go to places with transports.(Our presentacion- Pledge 2)